Brake Pad Replacement

New Brake Pads for Your Honda

Have you noticed a squealing noise when you try to slow down and press your brakes? If you are having difficulties or are noticing a strange sound, it may be time to bring your Honda in, and we can start replacing your brake pads. Brake pads are essential at giving you the ability to brake safely while driving. The best brake pads for sale in Altoona, PA can be found at Altoona Honda in our service center.  We offer front and rear brake pad replacement.


Altoona Honda Service

Servicing Your Brake Pads

Getting new brake pads or having a brake pad replacement is a maintenance service that all Hondas must endure over time. The friction material that is on your brake pads will wear over time from being used. When you notice that it is grinding or your brake system on your dash lights up, it is time to visit our service center at Altoona Honda

When one of our certified technicians begin the service, they will remove the tires from your Honda so that they can access the brake pads. If there is any padding-left on your brakes, they will be removed and replaced with new pads. The tires will be returned to your Honda and the service will be concluded with the technician testing the pads to ensure that they are working properly, there is no further squealing and that they are placed properly. 

When Do I Need New Brake Pads?

It is a good practice to have this maintenance service done every 50k miles that you put on your Honda. If you have met this mileage since the last service, it is time to reach out for an appointment. Some brake pads could wear faster, depending on how much they are used. For Honda owners who use their brakes frequently in traffic or the stop and go in town, they will notice a squealing noise or grinding coming from their wheels before they reach the 50k mark. As soon as you notice this sound, it is time to consult someone about replacing your brake pads. 

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Proudly serving Honda owners in the Altoona, PA area, as well as Bellwood and Hollidaysburg, PA. Our team at Altoona Honda consists of certified technicians and an OEM part boutique that guarantees your Honda gets the right service and parts that are designed to fit. You are welcome to enjoy our express service option and wait comfortably in our customer lounge, or drop off your Honda in the morning and have it ready for pickup later that day. Our team is here to provide you the service you need. Give our service center a call today or schedule your next service online. 

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