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Honda Transmission Fluid Exchange in Altoona, PA

The transmission in your Honda is a precision piece of machinery and like any other component in your Honda, regular servicing is necessary. Changing the transmission fluid is vital because this fluid affects the following:

  • Lubrication. There are hundreds of moving parts in your transmission, and they all require lubrication.
  • Gear changing. The clutch mechanisms that change the gears, and go from forward to reverse.
  • System. The entire operation of your transmission is based on a series of hydraulic pumps & bands.

The power for all these functions is transmitted by Transmission Fluid Pressure.


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What Causes Transmission Fluid to Deteriorate?

Heat and stress are major factors. Transmissions operate at high temperatures, and although they have a cooling system tied into your car's radiator, over time, the high temperature can break down the molecular structure of the fluid. When this happens, the fluid loses its ability to lubricate the moving parts. Lack of proper lubrication promotes wear and ultimately can lead to complete transmission failure. Not a pretty picture with costs starting around $3000 plus an additional $500 to $1000 for installation.

What Causes Transmission Damage?

  • Normal wear and tear. As you drive, the internal parts gradually wear. This forms minute particles that are abrasive and can damage the transmission parts. Changing the fluid, plus the filter avoids this potentially costly damage.
  • Condensation and moisture build-up. Water can condense inside the transmission. This dilutes the fluid and greatly reduces the lubricating properties.
  • Hard driving. If you drive aggressively, this puts additional stress on the transmission and the fluid.
  • Off-road driving. This is a harsh environment that stresses all the components in your transmission.
  • Towing. Another extra load that makes frequent maintenance a necessity.

What is Involved in a Transmission Fluid Exchange?

Proper service involves many steps, and transmission service is more involved than an engine oil change.

  1. First the technician will test drive the vehicle. This allows the mechanic to determine if there are any other service issues like slipping clutches, hard shifting or unusual noises. This also warms the transmission so that all the fluid will drain properly.
  2. Next, the old fluid is drained and disposed of.
  3. The next step is to remove the oil pan under the transmission. This provides access to the filter, the fluid pickup tube, internal parts, some of which may require adjustment. This is a tune-up and will improve shifting and smooth operation.
  4. Inspection of the internal bands, clutches, gears, and seals.
  5. All parts are cleaned, the pan is washed and a new filter is installed.
  6. The final assembly includes a new gasket and filing with the correct fluid.
  7. Last step is a test drive and you are on your way!

Transmission Fluid Exchange

What is the Cost & How Often Should You Schedule Service?

Typical cost for full service is between $75 and $150.00. If additional parts are needed, gaskets and filters this will add to the cost but these parts are relatively inexpensive. Service intervals vary widely depending on your driving style. Your Honda service department is your best resource to determine when fluid exchange service is needed. Generally, 30,000 to 50,000 miles is typical. Some manufacturers will extend this to 75,000 or more. Your dealer service department can get a good idea just by looking at the transmission dipstick to tell if the fluid is contaminated or burned.

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